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Let Edens Garden help reshift your thought patterns uniting with Universe as you embark on Healing journey via 4 step method: Hear Understand Accept Apply

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The cosmos, Hell, Heaven, Alternate Parallel & Alien Universes

Alonya Eve

Reading on a Hammock



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The Blog of Eve

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Needed Guidance? Book A slot.
Free your mind. Live. 



Farther Help for A Fee

Detailed Qs: 2 qs for Sgd50. Please provide name and email used for Paypal* , your current Location and Qs-as detailed as possible to my email:

My Paypal link:

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Personal Qs

Offering extended help for urgent qs via 1) direct answers from god & his team 2) solutions to situations via Me with tried & tested knowledge.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional to seek existing help for physical or psychological medical conditions other than homeopathy & spiritual advice, my opinions. Please Return to your Doctor for follow ups should you decide to ie: Pause medications which may or will pose life threatening risks when stopped.


General Qs or Simply Xploring

General Qs pls send them to chat. i do not answer personal qs there as general protection to privacy and through Email* only. Should occasion arise, i will send you a security question. This would ensure your not chatting with someone impersonating myself

Christmas Shopping
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Christmas Decorations

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