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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Thank you for Being here reading my post , acquaintancing yaselves wit me For im equally excited to be here and trying new things working on designs, diving in various blog topics which you will see when you stay updated ! ALL these in general far more entertaining and time worthy than my other existing job and energy spent on . I plan to launch merchandise before xmas..tricky frustrating thing that one . For now, ill just be wearing using my own creations and talk about them, yay

"All my years of living, im only actually starting to live..and ive come to see Evolving is a much better way of life" and this means im going to meet more Evolved Humans very soon.

2 Answers if im ever asked"

1) would i exchange anything anyone incl myself with who i am today right now?

An exchange guarantees nuthin.

2) Has anyone ever told you or clearly thought you could Not GO this far be This different, This Magnificient, someone Not mainstream, someone with family members, siblings who settled for what they could get and you should do the same or shouldnt? most importantly not be A Slave to another including to your own emotions?

Finally...and yet a Reminder again

If ya want A start to A good better life? Ya know what to do. Believe when i say, even when i do not know the many random strangers on IG but the Transformation is real

Remember You got A free will, always. If whatever works right now is what your looking for and ya dont wanna think too much, do what ya need to do. If whatever works in the long run is what your looking for ie: a sanity proofworthy set of values to go about practicing in your everyday for the next 3,5 years, TRY changing through Listen, Understand Accept Apply with the aid of Spirit acknowledgement. Also known as Holy Spirit that moves through All things.

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Im Alonya, proudly known for my spiritual nick as The  Warrior Nun. This nick was first inspired by the Netflix series The warrior nun and quickly realized i AM ONE minus the bloodshed, a non catholic and No Order to protect for, other than Mankind -never falling into slavery of another again and obedience to Spirit. the one God of all gods in this very universe we inhabited. My personal success to finding my footing in todays world through my spiritual journey and mission is A magnified experience with the belief it can be achieved by most if not some who are willing to adhere to these 4 steps: hear- understand -- accept apply .

Today, here i am at my very First www.  Single and currently lives in S.E asia, Singapore


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